The Canada International Trade Promotion Society



Chair Jeannie Cheng got award at 2013 China Economic Forum, Beijing.

Chair Jeannie Cheng with Mr Zhang Wei, Vice President of CCPIT head office

Chair Jeannie Cheng with Vancouver Mayor

Received by Canadian Prime Minister Mr Haper, 2011


About Us 关于我们

The Canada International Trade Promotion Society (CITPS) is a non-profit organization whose objectives are to:

* Promote trade;
* Facilitate investment; 
* Foster economic and technical cooperation; and
* Support and encourage mutual understanding and cultural exchanges between Canada and countries in Asia and the European Union.


We can help play a unique role as a Non-governmental Economic Ambassador by providing services in such areas as:  international relations;

* Economic and trade consultation;
* Information exchanges; and
* Organizing conventions and exhibitions.